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I provide support to individuals facing a range of difficulties. Whether it's anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, grief, adverse childhood experiences or relationship difficulties, we'll work together to uncover your unique strengths and abilities, moving towards a more positive future.


Family therapy can be helpful for many situations, such as adapting to an illness diagnosis, navigating the complexities of a parental break-up,  the expansion of the family unit to encompass polyamory and blended families, exploration of gender and sexuality, loss of a loved one and communication difficulties between parents and or children.   


I worked in the entertainment  industry for over twenty years and I understand the unique nuances and difficulties that are part of a career in artistic expression, including work/life balance, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, creative blocks, addictive behaviours, public life vs private life, fame, confidentiality and privacy.


I assist family-like groups of people address various challenges that can arise within these complex dynamics, such as power struggles, unresolved conflicts, communication difficulties and lack of cohesion.  By exploring the interconnectedness and interdependencies within the group, I facilitate open dialogue,  mutual understanding and support you in establishing healthy boundaries and better communication.


As a GSRD affirming relationship therapist, I work with couples of all sexual orientations and relationship preferences. I create a safe and inclusive space for couples to explore their unique dynamics and navigate their specific needs and desires. I help couples develop effective communication techniques, rebuild trust, deepen intimacy, and foster a strong and resilient partnership. 

Young People

I aim to facilitate growth and self-discovery while equipping them with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of life with confidence. With a focus on emotional resilience, I empower young individuals as they explore and express their unique identities.   I assist them in overcoming challenges such as gender and sexuality exploration, grief, bullying, school refusal, conflict at home, parental separation, friendship difficulties, self-harm, and self-esteem issues.


I work with parents to develop healthier and more effective ways of relating to their children and to each other. We explore the complexities of their family dynamics, communication patterns, and parenting styles.  Using some NVR techniques, parents can learn practical skills that help to improve communication, set boundaries and resolve conflicts within the family.  This empowers parents to create nurturing environments that support the emotional well-being and growth of their children, fostering stronger family bonds and healthier relationships.

NLP Life Coach

NLP life coaching can assist you in identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, improving communication skills, setting clear goals, and enhancing overall well-being. This approach can be valuable in promoting self-awareness, developing effective strategies for personal development, and fostering positive change in various areas of life.

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