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A bit about me ..


I hold an MSc in Systemic & Family Psychotherapy and I am a fully accredited member of both the FTAI and ICP.   Systemic psychotherapy recognises that we live our lives in relationship to one another and that often our thoughts, behaviours and difficulties can be better understood within the context of these relationships.  ​


As a polyvagal and trauma informed therapist, I can help you understand the role our nervous system plays in shaping experiences and relationships. By integrating biology and polyvagal theory, we can better understand our bodies' innate wisdom, cultivating safety, connection, and well-being in our lives.

I integrate elements of Narrative Therapy in my practice.  This approach views individuals as the experts of their own lives.  The focus is on the stories we tell about ourseleves and our experiences and how these narratives shape our identities and relationships.  I guide you in exploring your unique personal stories, identifying strengths and values while challenging unhelpful or limiting beliefs.  In doing so, you will gain a greater sense of agency over your own life story, while creating positive change in your connections with yourself and others.

Other training:

NLP Life Coach

Sex & Intimacy

Esther Perel Training Sessions

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Gender & Sexuality in Systemic Practice

Supporting Transgender Clients 

Trauma & Resilience

Expressive Arts Therapy 

Polyvagal Informed Therapy 

Non-Violent Resistance Parent Facilitator


Some of the areas I can help with include:

Anxiety, Stress, Self-worth

Trauma, Depression

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Grief and Loss

Serious Illness Diagnosis

Identity | Gender Exploration 


Creative Professionals

Meaning Making

Intimate Relationships

Families, Parenting and Young People

Communication and Interpersonal Difficulties


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